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  check this video to learn the reason Hermes become the top of luxury goods and beauty goods.  there is a reason so many people love and follow hermes when they go to luxury life and high end living.  top womens fashion also have favor on it.  

plus size dressing tips

 if you need to know more about plus size dresssing the video is for you.  author Marste share his experience and painful things in life which make her put fully attention and energy to plus size clothing. it will greatly benefit you.    enojoy it.  Website is now live!! ​ Happy Fashion Friday! Each Friday I'll be posting some things on fashion while posting makeup videos on Makeup Mondays! I will post an official announcement video later explaining Marste. I decided to start this business because I was tired as a plus size woman not having great quality items that were comfortable and fit me well. My goal is to provide high quality pieces that fit everyone, are comfortable, and are made in a fair trade facility where workers are treated fairly. More info on that soon! Have an amazing weekend! Thank you all SO much for your continued love and support- I treasure each of you and hope you get to be part of this journey with me. xoxo, Marlena  

review 2020 fashion before make your 2021 trendy style

 only after reviewing the old style of the past year, your idea bout fashion this year will be more reasonable and practicable. can you see anything in the2020 still can be awesome this year. yeah, that your taste and body shape, that above fashion and clothing.  enjoy and watch this, have a good day.