Top 3 Fashion Tops for Summer


Top 3 Fashion Tops for Summer

The season of summer is upon us and new and exciting fashions are popping up everywhere we look. Not everyone is a fashion guru and if you are having trouble keeping up with the latest trends, we can help! Everyone wants to look their best, and take advantage of the latest trends that flatter their figure. The women’s fashion industry can be confusing as it changes on a daily basis, but within this article we are going to discuss and outline for you the top 3 fashion tops within the industry today. Fashion tops are essential in anyone’s closet because they can be worn with just about any chosen bottoms, making it a very versatile fashion piece that can’t be missed.

1. Off the Shoulder Fashion Top: An off the shoulder fashion top is just that, it sits on the tips of your shoulders. What’s great about this style is that it can be changed in a flash! Any off the shoulder top can be worn so one shoulder is completely exposed and the other is holding the majority of the top’s material. This if course can be switched from shoulder to shoulder for a different style at a glance. Another style choice with this one fashion top is to wear it evenly between your two shoulders so a bit of each is exposed. Off the shoulder fashion tops can be found in solid colors as well as prints. Soft and breezy materials are the most common for the summer months of the year so you can be cool and you still have the option to layer if you choose.

2. Gauze Bubble Fashion Top: You may be familiar with the bubble skirt, but have you heard of the bubble top? Elan International clothing offers a gauze bubble top that comes in great pastel colors. It is the epitome of summer with its breezy materials and flowing design. For added intrigue, Elan clothing has provided ¾ length sleeves as well as buttons down the entire front of the top, not necessarily for function but for fashion. Bubble tops can be worn easily with skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and even leggings; the options are endless! It is also more than appropriate for office wear allowing you to utilize this fashion top in all aspects of your life.

3. Traditional Tank Fashion Top: We can’t end this article without mentioning the traditional racer back tank top. Even if you generally spend the majority of your days dressed in dressier clothing, there will come a day when you simply want to be comfortable, but still look good and this is where the traditional tank fashion top comes in handy. Elan clothing offers a wide variety of tank tops including the racer bank, the tube top, striped patterns, floral patterns, bright colors, pastel colors, cotton fabrics and silk fabrics alike. The options are endless which allows you to own dozens of the same style of tank in all different colors and designs.



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